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SOL LABS All Natural Mineral Sun Protection // Coconut Rose - Mild Sun Protection (SPF 15)

$ 45.00

SPF 15 | 4oz.

Whether basking in the sun or simply looking for an everyday all natural moisturizer with SPF, Sol Labs® has got you covered with our Mineral Sun Protection in Coconut Rose essence. Offering mild sun protection (comparable to SPF 15), this carefully curated formula is rich in nutrients such as vitamins A,D and E as well as fatty omegas 3 and 6, giving your skin a radiant glow while protecting you from sun damage and free radicals.


  • Skin Hydration & Nourishment (Antioxidants)

  • Reduction of Inflammation

  • Calming Aromatherapy

  • Relief From Irritation and Sunburn

  • Anti-oil Properties Prevent Breakout