Headlands Handmade Vernon Bill Folds // Black/White

Most of us never had a relationship with our great grandfather. We know of him through half-forgotten stories and scratchy old pictures. Great Grandpa Vernon was a corn farmer in Cedar Rapids, Nebraska and this old wallet is the closest connection we have to him. Upon his death in 1957 the wallet was given to his grandson and earlier this year, 57 years later, it was passed down again. The old wallet is fragile despite rarely being used post 1957 in fear it would be lost. After first marveling at its existence and being impressed that it survived as long as it did, we decided to make an updated version in honor of Vernon. We have no doubt that this billfold will have the staying power to take on a life similar to that of Vernon's old wallet, pictured here.

Dimensions: 4.25” x 3.5:” x 3/8”


  • 4 card pockets

  • 1 identification window

  • 1 lined billfold pocket (large enough for Euros, Yen and Pounds)

  • Outer- 3oz. Horween Chromexcel or 2oz. Hermann Oak Veg Tan

  • Inner Made from 2oz. Hermann Oak Veg Tan, sourced from St.Louis.

  • Hide Drougher stamp on inside bill fold liner.

  • Hand-stitched with tan thread, sourced from the Maine Thread Company in Lewiston.

  • All edges burnished to a slick protective shine.

  • Every wallet is handmade from start to finish using a variety of traditional leather-working methods requiring many steps and hours to complete.

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