Outerknown is Here

July 28, 2015

Founded by 11-Time World Champion surfer, Kelly Slater, Outerknown is a West Coast menswear brand established from an understated approach to design and an overstated approach to quality, material, and consciousness.

The concept aims to blend style, function and sustainability with the intent to protect natural resources and inspire change within the men’s fashion and apparel industry. Sustainability is not a bonus; it’s the way we should do business today.

Kelly Slater is almost a supernatural figure. His dominance of the World Tour has been earth shattering and he only seems to get better with age. All of us respect him greatly for his athleticism. Now, we have a new respect for the way he has decided to produce his new clothing line.

As surfers, we have an intimate relationship with our natural world. The ocean is our second home and we are constantly in tune with the weather, the tides, and the swell patterns. When you are so positively influenced by your environment, you want to take care of it. Slater is doing this. He has intentional created a clothing line that focuses on sustainability hopefully paving a path for men's fashion. We love the direction Outerknown is headed and are proud to stock their incredible product