Outerknown is Here

July 28, 2015

Founded by 11-Time World Champion surfer, Kelly Slater, Outerknown is a West Coast menswear brand established from an understated approach to design and an overstated approach to quality, material, and consciousness.

The concept aims to blend style, function and sustainability with the intent to protect natural resources and inspire change within the men’s fashion and apparel industry. Sustainability is not a bonus; it’s the way we should do business today.

Kelly Slater is almost a supernatural figure. His dominance of the World Tour has been earth shattering and he only seems to get better with age. All of us respect him greatly for his athleticism. Now, we have a new respect for the way he has decided to produce his new clothing line.

As surfers, we have an intimate relationship with our natural world. The ocean is our second home and we are constantly in tune with the weather, the tides, and the swell patterns. When you are so positively influenced by your environment, you want to take care of it. Slater is doing this. He has intentional created a clothing line that focuses on sustainability hopefully paving a path for men's fashion. We love the direction Outerknown is headed and are proud to stock their incredible product


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Outerknown's Strong Message

March 03, 2017

Outerknown Spring Delivery.
This year Outerknown has a big message: IT"S NOT OK.
#ITSNOTOK is a giveback campaign aimed at supporting and spreading awareness for urgent environmental issues. Because of Outerknown's deep coastal roots, their first focus is protecting the ocean. By donating 100% of profits from the ITSNOTOK tee shirt to Ocean Conservancy, the world's leading oceanic nonprofit, Outerknown hopes to make a much needed impact. Help them share the message and raise awareness for our ocean and our planet!
Wear the Shirt. Be the Change.
100% OF ITSNOTOK PROFITS support Ocean Conservancy and their mission to clean & protect the ocean for generations to come.
Not only are we seeing this important message come across but included in the collection are some incredible pieces for the season.
Take a minute and have a look.

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Morning Ride

December 09, 2016

We met up with a good friend for a morning ride to test out the Dartmoor Denim Jacket and the Brooks Chino. Turns out that both were perfect compliments to the vintage Honda CB 360. 
Photos: Alan Gomez
Model: Kohlman Verheyen  

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NORTH Fall '16

October 13, 2016

North Fall '16 is a collection of classic essentials all made in Los Angeles. The collection comprises of 4 timeless pieces:

Its a perfect broken in denim jacket based on a vintage type 3 but cleaned up and simplified. Followed by a classic CPO Shirt Jacket with an incredible dead stock fabric that once you touch it, you'll have to have it. Then we've got our chambray shirt, which we simplified so its a little less workwear and a little more versatile. You can wear it so many ways. And finally our chinos, which we worked hard on the fit of these pants. They've got a touch of a higher raise for comfort and then we really spent time on the taper of the leg and in my opinion we achieved a perfect fit for a chino. The great thing about the collection is you can literally wear all the pieces together; each compliments one another well and that was my intention.

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