North x Almond Surfboard Collab

Almond Surfboards is one of those brands that evoke an emotional experience. From their fine surfing boards to their apparel, Almond encompasses classic California cool. 

It’s been a complete honor to work with Almond over the past several months to create our collaboration. The two boards were the outcome of a couple great conversations on our shared love of surfboards and surf history. 

Few can argue that Wayne Lynch was a pinnacle part of surf history. It was an easy choice to look to Wayne for inspiration for board one of the collab. 

The Evo Egg – A wide point aft of center single fin, loosely based on what Lynch made in 1968. The board known as the Involvement Board, was shaped in hopes that it could surf as Wayne dreamt.

For our second collab board, we looked to another pinnacle figure, Mark Richards.

The Rocket Fish – A winged swallow tail that draws inspiration from 1977 when Richards shaped a twin fin surfboard that became ground breaking. The speed and maneuverability of his shape was his secret weapon, which led him to 4 World Titles.

Both boards were shaped and glassed right here in California by Almond Surfboards. The beauty and immense quality speaks loudly as you can very well imagine and expect from these surfer craftsman. The boards have a unique fabric inlay which has the aesthetic of our shop. The western print was an intentional choice, there’s a cowboy in all of us searching for complete freedom. As surfers, we get to experience that freedom every time we enter the water.

We hope you enjoy what we’ve created together.

North X Almond Surfboard Collab from North Menswear.




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