July 18, 2015

As you can see, this is our new digital house. Things are new and some work still needs to be done but as some say, “it’s got good bones”.

We are glad you are here, because for us it’s not just about selling you a product. It’s about how it’s made, why it works, why we believe in it — and sharing that knowledge with you.

So come on in, stay awhile, let's tell the stories and get inspired together.

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Salt and Steel

October 08, 2018

All Photos by Seth Van Der Linden 

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Fall Favorites...thus far...

September 07, 2018


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Perennial Products

December 28, 2017

Perennial Product
With the unset of the New Year coming we want to introduce a new category for us, Perennial Product. We will continue to source timeless goods for you but we want to highlight items that, in our opinion, should always be current in a man's wardrobe. 
To bring attention to our new concept, we were lucky enough to team up with one of our very best customers who just happens to race Vintage Jags! The juxtaposition of the clothes and the cars was too perfect. 
These classic Jags paint the same picture as the clothes. They will be forever timeless.

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